Software for School

Software for School

Advanced Features & Modules For Your School

School management software introduces a new platform by embedding new-edge technology into the educational sector. The digital platform is capable of managing the school management activities making them smarter. The comprehensive features of school management software not only reduce the workload of the institution’s employees but also streamline the major functionalities like fee collection, academic timetable scheduling, results declaration. School management can focus on other productive activities like increasing student enrollment ratio, embedding new ways of learning as they are relieved from the workload hassles.

In today’s world, administration & management of organizations, particularly educational institutions, has become a tedious and complex task. There are various activities and curriculum tasks, which needs to handle with careful planning, to the point control of the administrative process and systematic approach to help students, their parents, teachers and even the management of the educational institution. Vidyalaya school management System is a powerful tool to manage all your administrative task with a single line integrated system.

Following Features will be integrated in School Management System:-

ERP Software for Schools to handle Enquiry,


Fee Management



Time Table


Financial Accounting & more..


ID Card

Reminder Letters


Demand Register




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Software for School

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Student Information System

Homework & Classroom Management

Communication: Email, SMS,

Attendance, Calendar and Timetable

Grading, Report Card & Certificate Tool